Poetic Photographer


Sunday, 28 July 2013

C'est moi

I like to take photographs of the randomness of my life.
I like to write about it...in a photograph to poetry to prose sort of way.
I like black & white.
I like to dress like a lady.
I like the dark side of writing.
I like the 60's.
I like to sew couture.
I like fast cars.
I like the cinema.
I like to write poetry in Paris.
I like to wander the streets of London.

This is where I share..... my notes....my thoughts about a moment in time.

Travelling by car, plane & train to
London, Paris & sometimes....Portugal,
to get away from it all & lose myself
in the art of writing.

Born & raised in Vancouver, British Columbia
with French blood running through my veins this is

fragments of my creative soul...cloaked under my nom de plume.


~Photographs taken by me~
~White dress made by me~


Mary said...

I just love your photos!! And I have fond memories of Vancouver, BC. Always enjoyed your city.

grapeling said...

I sometimes wonder how your muse travels these days, and if you'll post again.

Cheers ~ M