Poetic Photographer


Sunday, 29 December 2013

Snow of White

As I take flight
in late night
to seek my White Knight

a glitter of light
in the darkness of white
a moment before twilight

your lips
blood red
not quite white
the coldness bites

wish as I might
our kiss
lasts forever

like last night.


Poets United

~Midnight Poet~
~dress iMade~

Saturday, 28 December 2013

I'm a little social.......

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Sunday, 22 December 2013


upon my wake
makes me smile
drifting down
if only for awhile
on this town

white like diamonds
tear drops of rain
like my heart

makes a snowflake


on my black dress
like jets in the night.


Poets United

Wednesday, 18 December 2013

2nd hand bookstore

In the midst of this holiday season, 
I went to one of my fave used bookstore & found a couple of poetry books!
Considering the Poetry section at most new book stores are pathetic, I was happy
to find these two......Vancouver Poetry & Mondo Barbie.   
I also found a vintage 1950's Polly French, Surprising Stranger 
& Pandora by Ann Rice,
For a bonus.... & maybe a little inspiration to finish my novel,
a book about a writers Retreat in Italy, 
Summer School.  
So whilst everyone has last minute shopping, I will
curl up with a book & be lost for a little while.


Friday, 13 December 2013

Modern Day Witch

casting light upon darkness
like a first romance
with her eyes
her touch
makes you shiver with cold
vanish says your soul
but your mind is clouded
to let her go
so caught up
in her spell
like sparkling snow.


Self Portrait
First blanket of snow in Vancouver
iMade skirt, top & cape
Midnight Poet