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Friday, 13 December 2013

Modern Day Witch

casting light upon darkness
like a first romance
with her eyes
her touch
makes you shiver with cold
vanish says your soul
but your mind is clouded
to let her go
so caught up
in her spell
like sparkling snow.


Self Portrait
First blanket of snow in Vancouver
iMade skirt, top & cape
Midnight Poet


Brian Miller said...

sounds like shes got the magic for sure...hard to let one like that walk on by...

Loredana Donovan said...

That's a really cool outfit, so mysterious with the cape. Charming poem :)

Anonymous said...

snow sometimes caps the mountains surrounding Los Angeles, so I can see it above the haze (or if the Santa Ana's are blowing, through clear air).

I hope you looked at the links on my poem, to the shoes and the art/poems he wrote to accompany them. :) ~

Mary said...

Brrrh, it looks cold where you are. And, oh, I am shivering as I read. I like thinking about the spell as sparkling snow!

Björn said...

What wonderful pictures and poems.. love it.

Brother Ollie said...

tight poem

dig the fashion too!