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Wednesday, 18 December 2013

2nd hand bookstore

In the midst of this holiday season, 
I went to one of my fave used bookstore & found a couple of poetry books!
Considering the Poetry section at most new book stores are pathetic, I was happy
to find these two......Vancouver Poetry & Mondo Barbie.   
I also found a vintage 1950's Polly French, Surprising Stranger 
& Pandora by Ann Rice,
For a bonus.... & maybe a little inspiration to finish my novel,
a book about a writers Retreat in Italy, 
Summer School.  
So whilst everyone has last minute shopping, I will
curl up with a book & be lost for a little while.



Brian Miller said...

oo la enjoy...i love the used bookstore....i love the smell...ah....and books...

Brother Ollie said...

Good finds! Enjoy 'em and be inspired.

Mary said...

There is nothing better than discovering a good book and being lost in words. Your words made me smile! I can identify.