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Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Absence of M.M.

Absence of M.M.

Days that spiral into darkness
nights that tick by to the first light
weeks past
not a moments thought
captured on film
just the frivolous selfies
trying to make light
of a life passing by
with nothing to write
forbidden to write.

Note:  The last couple of months 
I have been writing a 
poetry collection & a novella 
for a local literacy contest
 so all my writings
must be original unpublished & not on any blogs.
Like most stuff I do, I totally evolved myself in this.

Now that I am almost done I might not even submit.
I know….crazy? 
do I even know what I am doing?….uuh not really!
 I am someone who takes photo’s & writes about it.
 Damm right, what genre am I in?  
uuh......Free Verse? Dark Poetry? Romance?

Or maybe I just like to write
for me
for now.

Blackberry Pic
thanks for emails
birthday wishes
yes I was born on the 
last day of February
Pisces baby!


Mary said...

I understand your mixed feelings. I also understand the writing just for you. Whatever you do, I wish you good luck. If you are writing, for whatever reason or whatever audience, you are writing. I have missed your words though. And I was glad to see your words tonight. Smiles.

^.^ said...

omg ... just write and blog it then ... do it for us ... don't worry about poet clubs and prompts and expectations ... I know, I'd like to read your stuff ... smiles ... Love, cat.

Anonymous said...

whatever you choose, I would venture you became immersed in the process - which in itself is the point, n'est-ce pas? bonne anniversaire ~