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Wednesday, 14 August 2013


What keeps you awake
is your soul
protecting your heartbreak
their spewing of bile
with the mask of a smile
that makes you feel 
completely unreal

try to surrender
your mind to peace
& the flood of anxiety
will cease


will lift that
burden of hate
& give you faith

the power to move on
to trust another soul
to someday bond.

Prompt 16 Life Lessons

~self portrait~


Loredana Donovan said...

Beautiful. Inspirational. Forgiveness is an important step to healing and moving forward. Thank you for following my blog :)

Mary said...

Forgiveness is an important step. It is more for the person forgiving than for the one being forgiven. It is always a good thing to let go of hate.

(Nice self portrait as well!)

Lisa Williams said...

Forgiveness can be difficult at times but it is so freeing to let go of anger,it's so self destructive. Beautiful poem!

poga poetry said...

thanks for sharing this....I am originally from Vancouver