Poetic Photographer


Wednesday, 25 September 2013


It’s all around me
everyday I walk by
your poetic pain
spray painted in vain

or it is art
thought  out

who am I to say
on my way
to my ivory tower

what is on this wall
that comes
from your colourful soul.

~Poetic Self-Portrait~


Mary said...

Some graffiti can be quite beautiful and take a lot of talent to produce, I think. I can appreciate it in the right setting. Sometimes I wonder if these 'artists' were given a canvas in a studio somewhere what they could produce....

Anonymous said...

some see graffiti as weeds, to be rooted out, glossed, denied.

some see weeds as inexorable, inescapable expressions of life, no matter the concrete squares we box the earth with.

if so....

Lisa A. Williams said...

Lovely poem!

Brian Miller said...

personally i love graffiti. be it emotion or art...which i think is the same at times....some one had something to say...and said it...

Brother Ollie said...

I dig the rhythm of this piece.

Ygraine said...

Great blog...great poem :)