Poetic Photographer


Friday, 4 October 2013


Lately I have been torn
in a million directions
going no where at all
has left me somewhat scorned
no words to say
no time to play
no photos….no way
hours into days
that I have nothing to say
my thoughts missing
so I cannot feel
what this darkness
has done to me.

~reflection photo in London~


Mary said...

First of all, I really like your reflection photo!! I HAD been missing your words. Glad to see you here today. I hope you will not be disheartened and that you will believe that your words WILL come again!! Hang in there.

Lisa A. Williams said...

This is such a familiar place for most of us who write. I went through quite a dry spell just a few weeks ago and I feared my days of writing poetry were over but it passed and so has yours as you have written such a lovely poem, beautiful photo as well.

Truedessa said...


I think the fact that you found these words is an indication that
you can still create a work of art. Take heart the muse is still there.

Anonymous said...

wondering where you had gone wandering... ~ M