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Sunday, 20 October 2013

Late to the Ball

Late to the Ball

for the ever so demure
Tess Kincaid
a celebration of her birth

an eerie fog has blanketed
the south coast
causing the delay
of my jet on the runway

my ball gown
of pink & black
is carefully packed
ready to dance

but alas I
arrive so late
just in time
to dance with
the ghost of my date.


Truedessa said...

A lovely gown and too late for a
dance but, your slipper is left
perhaps, your prince will find

Loredana Donovan said...

I love the pink and black gown :)

Brian Miller said...

at least you look nice on arriving...smiles...and he stuck around, even after death make sure to see it...ha

Vandana Sharma said...

The last lines say it all:)

Anonymous said...

No Cinder Ella you, though I suspect you dance with grace...

Karen S. said...

Oh now I remember you. A couple of my dates couldn't keep their eyes off of you. I must know where you got your stunning gown.

poga poetry said...

we arrived late also.....via Havana...."the road goes on forever"...."The Party Never Ends".....now back in my hometown Vancouver....heading home to our home in the Rocky Mountains

Catfish Tales said...

Never 2 late 2 B 4-gotten :D

Mary said...

Very nice!!

Ygraine said...

Wonderfully evocative...just in time to dance with the ghost of your date...I really love this.
And to arrive late in such a stunning dress...well, there is no competition. Your prince has been waiting...:)