Poetic Photographer


Thursday, 31 July 2014


66 poetic thoughts
left on scattered papers
left to linger
just like my mind

thoughts on a memo pad
left behind
556 photographs
left in a camera
somewhere in time

remembering Paris
where it all began
that night
I was finally alone
writing wretchedness
from passionate times

my notes
from nothingness.

celebrating 1 year of writing
thanks for all your comments
& thoughts!


Mary said...

Hey - always good to see a new poem from you. One year of writing is something to celebrate. And Paris...even the mention of Paris....makes my heart throb. Keep writing!!

J Cosmo Newbery said...

It has been a pleasure to share your 'journey'.

Love the cleanness of the photo.

Anonymous said...

salut ~

AVY said...

So much seems to begin in Paris.

/ Avy

Mary said...

Hope we will see a poem from you soon. Miss your photos and your poetry.