Poetic Photographer


Friday, 3 April 2015


like waking up from a year long dream
lost but not gone
the same but different
swimming in the deep
never knowing 
how far you can go
until life makes it so
like the suns shone
now you can let it go.



Mary said...

It must be amazing to wake up from a year-long dream. So much would be different in that year.

(Welcome back into the blogosphere!)

Truedessa said...

Welcome back from the dream land, I hope reality will be kind. Nice to see you writing again.

^.^ said...

Lovely bitter sweet poem ... thank you for sharing your gift :)

Enigma said...

"lost but not gone
the same but different"

Beautifully penned. :)

Lisa A. Williams said...

Beautiful! Letting go can bring such peace.

Ygraine said...

Yes...so beautiful.
Waking from that year-long dream...then the relief of just letting go...